Monday, May 2, 2011

May Book of the Month

Yoko, the kitten, has gone off to school looking forward to having a good day. But her classmates tease her about her sushi lunch. Even worse, during the class Snack Time Song, students tease Yoko about her snack of azuki beans.   Yoko doesn’t want to go outside and play during recess.  Yoko’s teacher comes up with a plan to help students learn about different cultures and to be accepting of people who are different.   The teacher plans an International Food Day and requires students to try everything.  But only Timothy, a raccoon, is brave enough to taste Yoko’s sushi.   Timothy and Yoko become friends, planning to open their very own lunch-time restaurant. 

Grade K students should reflect on their prior experiences.   What can you do to make another student feel welcomed at school?